Saturday, 29.10.

Tour de gastronomie

Gastronomy and hotel industry are diverse and working to in one of these fields is an absolute dream. This tour is intended for young individuals who want to find their path in this profession and ...

Marco Müller and the Torres Brothers

At this point, a big thank you to Marco Müller. On his recent visit to Barcelona, our curator and festival director wasn't able to get a table at the two-star restaurant Cocina Hermanos Torres. He ...

Xenia at the Ember

Xenia Glassen is one of the most successful Instagrammers in the capital under girleats.bln. She did not only impress us with her reach, which is the hardest currency in this world, but convinced us ...

Nothing is better than something good

When German vacationers are asked where they want to go on vacation, Austria remains at the top of the list. The beautiful landscape, the same, or shall we say similar language, the same currency, ...

Can you bear paradise?

Do you live in Falkensee, by any chance? If so, you're in luck. If not, the trip is worth it. In Brandenburg, only a short distance away from Berlin, a true gem has ...

Champagne does not stain like red wine

"Champagne does not stain like red wine" is the convincing argument of the house for this evening. But that's not the only argument we have: 1. the location. A very good one, as we know, because the ...
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