Champagne does not stain like red wine

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Joachim Gerner, Michael Kempf, Dominik Thiele, Maximilian Schmidt © Christian Kielmann

Champagne does not stain like red wine

“Champagne does not stain like red wine” is the convincing argument of the house for this evening. But that’s not the only argument we have: 1. the location. A very good one, as we know, because the FACIL in The Mandala Hotel has won several awards. In addition, it was awarded two Michelin stars and is known among gourmets as a guarantor of happiness. Just like our second argument: Michael Kempf.

His culinary art has been the hallmark of FACIL’s cuisine since the very beginning. Not only are there no red wine stains when he and his colleagues serve seven courses, but there are also magnificent creations that must be toasted several times. Obviously, with champagne!

This brings us to our final argument: Maximilian Schmidt, a sommelier, and Dominik Thiede, from the Vin sur Vin Diffusion, will be present to pair the excellent menu with their moderation and selection of drinks. After this dinner, we guarantee that you will have a better understanding of what good champagne is.  On this special evening, a special surprise awaits you: a large bottle of a special kind. Plus: a pirate, Arr, Arr. In other words, a bottle that is poured under cover so that you can taste it blindly. This will sharpen your senses! In this sense… cheers!

  • Sa. 29.10.
  • 7-course-menu with accompanying champagnes
  • Facil
  • Potsdamer Straße 3 | 10785 Berlin
  • Admission: 6.30 pm | Start: 7 pm
  • 299,-
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