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We bring Berlin to a boil

Wir sind Feinschmecker, Weintrinker, Berlinliebhaber, Unternehmer. Uns verbindet die Vision, ein Feinschmeckerfestival in Berlin zu etablieren, das zu dieser Stadt passt. Wir sind kein Tourismusverband, keine Gaststätten- und Hotelinnung. Hinter uns steckt kein Großkonzern, keine politische Lobby. Das macht uns frei, das eat! berlin Feinschmeckerfestival so umzusetzen, wie wir uns das für Berlin schon immer gewünscht haben.

The creators of eat! berlin are:


eat! berlin Festival Manager

Originally a cook and waiter, he completed his training as a graduate sommelier and is now the head sommelier at the Weinschule Berlin. Furthermore, he is also an Austrian author. You can find him at the Weinschule Berlin or read about him in the Tagesspiegel. You might even hear him on the radio or see him at the rbb from time to time.  (TV and radio).


eat! berlin Managing Director 

The trained hotel manager is the organizational heart of the Weinschule. In addition, the vegetarian and passionate hobby baker keeps an eye on everything that happens at eat! berlin. In addition to all of these responsibilities, she is taking care of her two children Anna and Maria. The closing gala is the event she is most involved with.


mattheis. Werbeagentur GmbH

The managing directors of mattheis. Werbeagentur are co-founders of eat! berlin. They are responsible of the public image the eat! berlin has. Whether it’s the logo, the magazine or the homepage: everything is provided by them. Both are passionate wine drinkers and gourmets. Siegbert Mattheis is, among other things, a board member of the Berlin Wine Association.

Manuela Hutzler von eat! berlin


Press and Communication

This is already the eighth time that the interior designer and convinced autodidact is supporting the eat! berlin team. Whether it’s press relations, communication with restaurateurs and guests, or organizing the team, she is always there with great enthusiasm.

Aydin Frost von eat! berlin


Management assistant

She has been a part of the eat! berlin team for more than three years and has studied French, art, and visual history. She admits to being an epicure while also being a critical wine enthusiast. Along with being our festival director, Aydin also serves as the magazine and website’s official “pun commissioner.” Aydin can juggle many tasks while maintaining composure and humor.



She is our creative newcomer. Joanna studied songwriting at BIMM Berlin and works part-time as a producer, songwriter and singer. She takes great photos for the magazine and is in charge of the articles’ translations. She is from Luxembourg and speaks 4 languages fluently. If you are in the mood for great electronic music, you can look for Rubin Kind on Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify.

Anastasiia Pavlova

Event Manager

Anastasiia is from the Ukraine and has already gained extensive experience in event management in Kiev. She is a trained television presenter, has a bachelor’s degree in advertising and PR and a master’s degree in journalism. All in all, a tailor-made training concept for our festival.
With her joie de vivre, Anastasiia is a guarantee for good humour!

Fidélité Niwenshuti-Mugwaneza

Event Manager

Fidélité is also new to our team and is a real all-rounder. She has a master’s degree in Applied Cultural Studies and Cultural Semiotics and a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies and French Philology. High gastronomy is culture, we all agree on that! Fidélité loves fine-dining and fine-wining. So she’s in the right place in our team.

eat! Berlin
eat! Berlin