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Audience Award – most popular event Each guest will receive a voting card and can use it to vote for the prize winner. The winners so far are: Hotel Scandic, Stefan Hartmann, Katja Grünebaum, Cynthia Barcomi, Regina Vogt, Sonja Frühsammer and Felicitas Then, Markus Herbicht, Anja Antonowicz and Alexander Dressel. In 2020, Bini Lee and José Miranda Morillo delighted their audience the most.


At the Kreuzberg luxury hotel Orania.Berlin, Philipp Vogel has been both head chef of the in-house restaurant and the hotel’s main director since 2017.

At eat! berlin 2021, he and his two good friends, the highly talented and likeable top chefs Sascha Stemberg and Sebastian Prüßmann, created an evening: the sensational SEHRGUT BÜRGERLICHE Dinner. Nik Weis, another friend, from the legendary Mosel-VDP.Weingut Nik Weis – St. Urbans-Hof was there with his top wines.

The 2021 Audience Award for the best event was accepted by Philipp Vogel hand-in-hand with his restaurant manager Kai Gilly on behalf of all.

The trophy was presented by last year’s winners Bini Lee-Zauner and José Miranda Morillo from the restaurant Kochu Karu.


Since 2012, Bini Lee and José Miranda Morillo have been serving Korean-Spanish food at the Berlin Restaurant Kochu Karu. Both share a friendship with Jeong Kwan, the Zen Buddhist nun who became world-famous through a Netflix episode of the popular “Chefs Table” series. One of the top female chefs in the world, Jeong Kwan is praised by food critics, and the centuries-old temple cuisine is expected to be popular in the coming years. They won the audience prize for the Temple Kitchen event at eat! berlin 2020.

The laudators were Anja Antonowicz and Alexander Dressel, the winners of the 2019 Audience Award.


The Jourmet – Gourmets in the Yurt event at Hotel Bayrisches Haus in Potsdam received the highest audience rating out of more than 70 events, scoring 4.96 out of 5 available points. The actress Anja Antonowicz accepted the award, a Zwiesel crystal trophy. She hosted the evening as a fairy tale and storyteller with star chef Alexander Dressel.

The laudatory was Markus Herbicht, the winner of the 2018 Audience Award.


Out of more than 50 events, Markus Herbicht, Schmelzwerk in den Sarotti-Höfen, had the best rating with Mariscos de Markus. His friend and cult restaurateur Herbert Beltle collected the Zwiesel Kristall award in his place as he was unable to attend. Sonja and Peter Frühsammer, the first star chef of Berlin and the owners of Restaurant Frühsammers, who had won the award the year before, served as the laudatory.


Sonja Frühsammer, Star chef & Felicitas Then, Television chef.

Laudatory Regina Vogts, cult host Vogts Bierexpress and winner of the previous year.


At Cervisa Veritas with Regina Vogt and Matthias Buchholz

The winners of the audience award this year are the siblings Regina Vogt and Matthias Buchholz. The cult hostess from Vogt’s Bierexpress and the star chef from Gutshof Britz won over their guests with a dessert-like menu with accompanying beers. The prize was presented by last year’s winner Cynthia Barcomi.


Whoopie, we’re making pie – Baking course with Cynthia Barcomi

The winner of the audience award this year is Cynthia Barcomi. The prize was accepted by her daughter Esmé Barcomi.
For the fourth time, Germany’s best-known baker conducted her exclusive, sensationally quickly booked baking classes at eat! berlin with
charm and passion.


Inventive and houseman fare

Laudatory Regina Vogts, cult host Vogts Bierexpress and winner of the previous year.


Stefan Hartmann with Sommelier Bernhard Moser at the Weinschule Berlin


Recipes full of forest and sea at Hotel Scandic

Won by the narrowest of margins: At the Scandic on October 7, 2011, the Swedish chefs Patrik Fredriksson and Viktor Westerlind prepared “Recipes full of forest and sea.”

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