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Friday, February 24, 2017, 7 pm



Radio Eins show “2auf 1” has a certain cult character. Week after week, Sven Oswald and Daniel Finger pick a topic and explore it in depth, at times with humor and curiosity, at others with deadly seriousness. The duo was interested in contributing to our festival, and so the idea arose of recording live in front of an audience. The pair of star moderators will be hosting three top chefs on this evening, at least one of whom definitely qualified as wild&dangerous in his youth: Tim Raue, a former gang member and an eyewitness to what wild&dangerous looks like in real life, will be asked about life with the rough & tumble set and how to break out of that vicious circle. For all his impish history, Raue now cooks like an angel (4 toques, 2 stars), which he’ll be demonstrating with two courses.

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We’ve also asked Sebastian Frank (3 toques, 2 stars) to prepare two dishes of his own for this evening. He runs Restaurant Horvath on Paul-Lincke-Ufer in Kreuzberg. The third in our merry trio is the proprietor of the Schmelzwerk (also in Kreuzberg, of course), down in the Sarottihöfen: Markus Herbicht. The well-traveled elite chef certainly knows high stakes, having cooked for the King of Thailand, managed the culinary offerings at the Westin Grand and worked for years under Johann Lafer. Herbicht too will be offering up two courses to surprise and tantalize.

We also are expecting interesting guests from the world of medicine, zoology, and perhaps even someone from Kreuzberg. We’ll see. You’ll see too.

Oliver Rohrbeck has long lived dangerously – since 1979 at least, when he became the voice of Jupiter Jones, Germany’s most famous audio book detective of all time. The character is part of “The Three ???”, which with over 100 gold and platinum records is the most successful audio book production in the world. Many of its fans, even as adults, use the CDs and cassettes for bedtime listening, despite — or perhaps because of — the series’ unspoken role that no one ever dies. We’ll talk with Ur-Berliner Rohrbeck about 37 years spent between the junkyard and haunted castle, about his work with voiceover directors and talent and what it’s like to perpetually run into people who “take you to bed” every day.

Dr. Magnus Heier is a practicing neurologist and journalist. His wrote the much-acclaimed book “Nocebo – wer’s glaubt, wird krank” and has a healthy core of followers from his series of lectures on the brain entitled “Hirnwelten.” As the medical expert on “Zwei auf EINS” on radioeins, he frequently lectures on the body, the latest medical research, medical scandals large and small and, of course, his favorite subject: the brain. We’ve asked him to speak on the perfect post-dinner topic: aphrodisiacs. Our question: Can people actually go wild based on something they’ve consumed? What’s going on in the brain? And, naturally: How do those additives or secret powders actually taste? Sampling encouraged!

Grimme Award Winner Oliver Kalkofe is an actor, comedian and satirist. Back in his Frühstyx radio days he became known for “wild guys” like Onkel Hotte and Jürgen Ferkulat. His show Kalkofes Mattscheibe was the first in Germany to mix media criticism and parody, and it soon became clear that Oliver Kalkofe was not just a likable and funny author and actor, but also a highly observant and insightful political mind. How much of a threat to Germany are Trump, AfD and Co.? We’ll ask the man who for years has enjoyed poking a finger in the eye of the rightist fringe of society.

Margarita Broich As a young women, she often attended demonstrations and eyed the police skeptically. As an actress on Germany’s beloved “Tatort” detective show, Margarita Broich has become one of the best-known female commissioners in history. Quite a path for someone who grew up in a cloister and seemed destined to go into medicine like the rest of her family. Broich studied photography, became a stage photographer and went on to study acting at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin. We talk with her about her life and career and what it means to be part of the “Tatort” franchise. And naturally ask where the real action is — on the stage, in front of the camera or behind it.

Iris Schieferstein is a sculptor who prepares wild art and fashion from dead animals. This includes shoes from horse hooves, as well as other dangerous elements, such as gun barrels and ammunition. Her creations have gained worldwide attention and are mesmerizing enough to lure even noted provocateur Lady Gaga into placing an order. We’ll talk about daring fashion, eccentric customers and why creating objects from animal horns, skin and hooves can be a dangerous life in and of itself.

Dr. Andre Schüle likely walks on the dangerous side. Anyone dealing with lions, bears, monkeys, zoo visitors and wolves on a daily basis had better like thrills. Dr. Schüle is a veterinarian at the Berlin Zoo. What would happen if he simply strolled into the chimpanzee cage? We’ll ask him. His name might well be familiar to many because he was the lead veterinarian (and frequent television guest) during the Knut the Polar Bear era.

The event will be filmed: please remember that the cameras will be running and you’ll potentially be part of the production. Ticket purchase provides express consent to this.

6 course menu including wine pairing
open doors 6.30 pm, start 7 pm
Tickets: 159,00€

Schmelzwerk, Mehringdamm 55, 10961 Berlin


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