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Saturday, February 25, 5  to 11 pm and Sunday February 26, 10 am to 4 pm

s_bluetenkaese-unicode-codierungskonfliktBerliners love good cheese. They’ve been unfailing vocal on this point at past Cheese Days at the Arminius Markthalle. Market sellers, producers, frommeliers and affineurs have stood across the counter from over 2,200 gourmets, gourmands and curious regulars at the Arminius Markthalle. The event has been so popular that at times they’ve had to restrict admission. It’s the cheese that draws all those gourmets to the finest gastronomy market hall in Germany. It’s about (rediscovered) tradition and craftsmanship in producing a special foodstuff of unbelievably diverse origins. Above all else, it’s consumers who are sick of soulless industrial products from dead milk drawn from cows in industrial dairies.

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We’ve had cheese from around Europe and even the US. It was a pleasure to see how visitors tested, purchased, attended seminars and tastings and generally had a grand time in the market hall. And so it is with tremendous joy that the eat! berlin team announces that the Arminiushallen have signed on for another year!

Michaela Freier and Samuel Zach from “mfe event coach,” the event partner for hall owner Zunft AG, will be inviting 20 different cheese producers, affineurs and cheese sellers to the Arminius Markthalle to present their products to an interested — and often impressively knowledgeable — public.
The permanent market stands and caterers at Arminius Markthalle will also be taking up the cheese banner, providing some refinement to the outstanding offerings. Enjoy the culinary work of Habe die Ehre, Pignut, Hofladen, Fischladen, Naninka, Rosa Lisbert (“Hot Restaurant of the Year”), Lucha Libre and Alimentari e Vini.
Of special note is the large cheesecake buffet at “Mutter aller Tische.” New year, new innovation: We’ve invited the best cheesecake makers in Germany and intend on crowning a “2017 Cheesecake Meister.”

There are other highlights ahead for you as well… here’s a selection:

We’ve invited bread sommelier Holger Schüren. Not only will he discourse on bread, he’ll then put theory into practice by laying a selection of exquisite cheeses on top.

If the winter isn’t too cold, we’ll also be presenting fresh permaculture-grown winter vegetables and herbs from the garden of Café Botanico. The Urban Gardening effort will be explained by Martin Höfft.

Sunday Markthalle matinée with live music
From 10:00 am – 2:00 pm you’ll have the chance to enjoy a relaxed brunch in the courtyard store and connected pop-up restaurant. Tickets for this can be booked online now.

The following affineurs and exhibitors will be on hand (selection):

·Rheingau Affineure with cheesemaster Reiner Wechs and a range of cheeses from the historical natural stone cellars. (Part of the tasting program)
·Simone Nuss from Schaufenster Uckermark will be coming with cheese from the Brandenburg Cheese Trail (as well as several other regional specialties)
·Jan Pusch’s Käseinsel will be presenting Swiss Weltmeister cheese. It is aged in places like the Chäser’s cliffside Gabelspitz cave. The cellar is found deep in the Emmental, in the Valley of Howling Winds. Covering 250 m2 of space, the natural 13°C climate and 96% humidity are the ideal spaces to create incredible fromage treasures.  (See related event in the “Tasting Program”)
·Peppikäse Berlin: Raw milk cheeses rule this roost! (See related event in the “Tasting Program”)
·Gusto Artesano: Spanish cheese specialties. David Raya Moreno and Marta Koltan from Gusto Artesano are ambassadors for high-end Spanish cheese products.
·` T Vosje– lekker cheese from the Netherlands. Johanna’s sister will be bringing along cheese from her own farm and its connected cheese dairy. The farm has been in the family for five generations.
·Kafeneion– Special cheese from a cave in Greece.
·Jakob & Johanna handmade design: Jakob & Johanna make simple but stylish products using local wood. Jakob is a forester and selects the finest of woods for Johanna’s design products.
·Weingut Diem since 1848– Fine wines from Obermarksdorf, Retzer Land, Austria. Grüner Veltliner is the key variety at Weingut Diem, and is produced in all its variants with the utmost of care.

The complete list of exhibitors can be found at

Exclusive, entertaining tastings to round out the program.

·René Frank – CODA Dessert Bar. This exceptional patisseur’s desserts feature cheese from Peppi and a perfectly coordinated sake drink.
Cironé : Carrot greens: Cashews
Rye, Earl Grey Tee
Kirin Sake
Vintage 2014

·The Language of Our Sense of Smell & the Hidden Trove of Gold
“Big Bäcker” Bread Sommelier Holger Schüren
will lure you into the world of fragrant breads, Weltmeister cheese from Switzerland and Greek oils.

·Rheingau Affineure – World-class Craftsmanship, Family Tradition
Sample sumptuous cheese specialties aged in the 300-year-old vaulted quarrystone cellars at Weingut Jakob Jung. Berlin sommelier and wine dealer Ralf Kuhlow will be pouring accompanying wine rarities.

Entry to the Berlin Cheese Days 2017           €5.- per person per day.
Children 12 and under free. No other discounts available.
Tickets (prices vary) for the seminars, tastings and the Sunday brunch/matinée can be booked online at Cheese to carry out or eat immediately can be purchased at the stands. The specialties prepared by our restaurateurs can also be purchased and consumed on site.

Opening hours for Berliner Cheese Days
Saturday, 25 February 2017 from 5:00 – 11:00 pm
Sunday, 26 February 2017 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Program Pairings & Tastings
Saturday, 25 February 2017 from 5:30 – 9:00 pm

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