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“High Above” with Berlin Star Chefs

Some culinary experiences are, in theory anyways, truly priceless. That refreshing glass of Champagne atop the Eiffel Tower, gaze ranging out over Paris, after bravely tackling its 704 steps. Or that fantastic rustic repast eaten at an Alpine hut, with the Alps stretching out in the distance. Might it have to do with the panorama view? We think so. eat! berlin‘s exclusive “Tour de Cuisine” will bring eight selected – and by that we mean: fastest to reserve – guests to outstanding restaurants with outstanding views, including four surprise courses and paired wines. Have no fear: all of the restaurants we‘re visiting have an elevator.

The starting point for our adventure on this Saturday evening is the lobby of the most extravagant hotel in the City West: we‘ll be greeted in the Waldorf Astoria by Hotel Director Gregor Andréewitch and Daniel Behrendt, who since March 2017 has been responsible for the food at the world-class hotel restaurant. We‘ll ascend 15 stories to the Library, where we‘ll be served a lovely glass of wine suitable for the first course of our “Tour de Cuisine.” Enjoy the view out over the Kurfürstendamm, Tauentzienstraße and the Gedächtniskirche and chat with the two bigwigs from this luxury hotel.

Our chauffeur will then bring us to our next station: we‘ll take in our second course of the tour at Hugos, prepared by the hand of Eberhard Lange (three toques) and served with a fine liquid accompaniment.

Lange has one of the loveliest workplaces anywhere in the city, perched 14 floors above the Tiergarten and looking out over the green as airplanes pursue their line to Tegel.

The third hot spot for our culinary expedition is Golvet on the Landwehrkanal, where host Björn Swanson (two toques) will await us. Opened in spring 2017, this new restaurant carries out the star chef‘s vision down to the finest details. To a lovely evening view over the Kulturforum and Potsdamer Platz, guests will enjoy a third course comprised of fantastic fare that is simultaneously worldly and down-to-earth.

The last leg of our journey will bring us to the eastern part of the city, to the restaurant on Landsberger Allee whose very name reminds us to look upward: there in the Skykitchen we‘ll be met by Berlin‘s youngest star chef, Alexander Koppe (two toques), for the final course, a choice glass of wine and an unusual view over East Berlin. If the weather is clear, we‘ll even be able to see the former Postgiroamt in Kreuzberg. And way back there, deep in the west — isn‘t that the Waldorf Astoria?

Curious? Interested in enjoying earthly delights at heavenly elevations? Then book quick, because there are only eight spots.

Estimated Schedule

3:30 pm
Meet in the hotel lobby of the Waldorf Astoria

4:10 pm
Continue on to Eberhard Lange at Hugos

5:10 pm
Travel to Björn Swanson at Golvet

6:00 pm
Continue on to Alexander Koppe in the Skykitchen

relaxed finish in the Skybar – individual ride home

  • Sa. 3.3.
  • 4 courses with accompanying wines in 4 restaurants over the roof tops of Berlin
  • Waldorf Astoria Berlin
  • Hardenbergstraße 28 | 10623 Berlin
  • Start: 3:30 pm
  • 119,-
  • Only 8 tickets!

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