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Sunday, February 26, 2017, 9 pm



The program director at eat! berlin has long harbored a secret dream: to enjoy a fine meal against the backdrop of the stage scenery at Berlin’s “Komische Oper” (his personal favorite among the city’s opera houses). Singers exit stage left, enter: the cook. The life of an opera house doesn’t end once the audience leaves — you don’t just wipe down the set and call it a night. To the contrary, that’s often when things become truly interesting. Namely, that’s when the sets are dismantled and new ones assembled, pretty much a daily occurrence at this house. And so the dream of an on-stage Lucullan repast seemed destined to stay just that: a dream.

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Sometimes, however, life is full of surprises, and so it happened that two persons met and discovered they shared a surname, a country (Austria) and a vision of making the impossible possible: Susanne Moser, Managing Director of the Komische Oper and Bernhard Moser of eat! berlin ended up talking, coordinating and, well, will you look at that…

The “Komische Oper” website describes the piece in question thusly: “The famous fairy tale classic from the Brothers Grimm, premieres in a sassy new comedic interpretation for the opera stage. A strong-willed princess, a quilted rabbit, a mother-in-law with a beauty complex and 77 little eager-beaver dwarfs are the protagonists of this lively children’s opera from the pen of Uzbek/Australian composer Elena Kats-Chernin.”

s_dsc_4320If you’re wondering who would dare cook for an evening like that, there’s only one possible answer: a chef of fabled beauty, with hair black as ebony, skin white as snow and lips red as blood. She cooks in a lovely villa deep in the Woods of Green. Three chef’s toques and a star grace her noble head: Sonja Frühsammer.
Her husband, a Man of Wine, guards the cellar treasures, and only the noblest of guests are allowed to taste the precious nectars. Peter is his name. He will be Snow White’s (and our) cupbearer. 5 noble courses with 5 noble wines will grace our table, but be forewarned: as the clock strikes twelve, our stage will magically transform. Into the set for the next day’s show, with no evidence that we were ever there…

7 course menu including magical wines
open doors 8.30 pm, start 9 pm
Tickets: 129,00€

Komische Oper Berlin, Behrenstraße 55-57, 10117 Berlin


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