Humboldt’s trail

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Restaurant Wilhelm

Christoph Rüffer ** in Berlin

Wilhelm von Humboldt, a scholar from Prussia, embarked on his journey to northern Germany in 1796. He traveled to Rügen, passed through the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein while driving along the Baltic shore, and landed in Hamburg after that. He would have stopped at Christoph Rüffer’s place without a doubt if the Haerlin with its two stars had been around at that time. Considering that Humboldt was known as a gourmet. However, before leaving, he would have gone to the Cordo to say goodbye to Yannic Stockhausen * and to have coffee with the fantastic up-and-coming talent Fabian Fiedler.

After all, the brew had been known at the court of the great elector since 1675.  Furthermore, Wilhelm would have eaten at the Restaurant Wilhelm in the Humboldt Forum and certainly would have felt at home.  The newly opened top restaurant is also home to the very top chef we will be hearing a lot more about: Fabian Fiedler. He prepared meals at Aqua and in Hamburg alongside Rüffer and Sven Elverfeld ***. He made friends with Yannic Stockhausen there and ever since.

As for the wine accompaniment, we have winemakers who can fill the gigantic frame. On one hand, the great Hans-Jörg Rebholz from the VDP.winery Ökonomierat Rebholz and one the other hand Joachim Heger from the VDP. winery Dr. Heger from Baden.

  • Su. 30.10.
  • 6-course menu with accompanying wines
  • Restaurant WilhelmAlexander, Humboldt Forum
  • Schloßplatz | 10178 Berlin
  • Admission: 6:30 pm | Start: 7:00 pm
  • 190,-

Yannik Stockhausen

Fabian Fiedler

Christoph Rueffer

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