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Nikodemus Berger, Andy Saul and Frank Schreiber © Christian Kielmann

Veggie at Tierpark

We are unsure about how nice Frederick the first was but we have to thank him for the name Charlottenburg and Charlottenburg Palace. After the death of his wife Sophie-Charlotte of Hanover, he had everything renamed in her honor. The King of Prussia, who once started his career as Elector Frederick the third of Brandenburg, achieved a lot and created the basis for a strong empire. However, the Friedrichsfelde Palace was originally called the Rosenfelde Palace and belonged to Benjamin Raule, Brandenburg’s director of the navy. He came from a Dutch merchant family but made a name for himself as a privateer and colonialist. Presumably, he was not a nice person. Raule fell out of favor with the king and was imprisoned and expropriated. Thus, the Rosenfelde Palace became the Friedrichsfelde Palace. In 1954, the Tierpark was founded and the Friedrichsfelde Palace served as its headquarters. During the GDR period, the palace increasingly deteriorated and was to be demolished. Due to the persistent intervention of the then Tierpark‘s director Heinrich Dathe, the castle was renovated between 1971 and 1981.

We now take a seat in the historic rooms of the beautiful castle and celebrate our life and the life of other living beings. Likewise, we celebrate the vegetarian cuisine, which has managed to keep up with the great cuisines of the world in Berlin and other metropolises.

During this event, the great chef Andy Saul * from the restaurant Bandol sur Mer in Berlin-Mitte is cooking for us. In addition, we were able to get Frank Schreiber (16 points in Gault&Millau, 2006 Master Chef) to travel from the Hotel Goldener Hahn in Finsterwalde to Berlin to cook for us. As the alliance’s third member, you’ll be introduced to a new and completely fresh talent: Nikodemus Berger, the chef of the vegetarian cocktail bistro Bonvivant in Schöneberg. He has already been nominated as Berlin’s master chef in the bar culture category. Obviously, the very word cocktail opens a door. Go there, it’s an ordinary and exceptionally good restaurant.

The winemaker of the evening is Stefan Lergenmüller, who has been a friend of festival founder Bernhard Moser for a long time. He is part of the Lergenmüller family of winemakers from the Palatinate and caused a sensation with the purchase of the traditional winery of the Reinhartshausen Palace in the Rheingau. Here, he cultivates the top vineyards in a traditional and subtle manner and thus manages not only to continue the estate’s high-quality tradition but even to develop it further. In addition, he makes extremely exciting wines on the island of Mariannenaue, which at first glance have little to do with the tradition of this region. For example, the orange wine “Verschollen”, which is one of the best of its kind we have ever had. In addition, Stefan Lergenmüller is the owner of the Clüsserath-Eifel winery in Trittenheim, which also owns wines at the top site “Apotheke”. Moreover, the friendly top winemaker can draw on many different wines to accompany this evening for us.

  • Su. 30.10.
  • Day ticket for Tierpark Berlin, 5-course-menu with accompanying wines
  • Tierpark
  • Am Tierpark 125 | 10319 Berlin
  • Visit the Tierpark at will | Meeting place: 7.00 pm Schloss Friedrichsfelde
  • 189,-

Schloss Friedrichsfelde

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