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Mathias Brandweiner, Anna Hernandez-Götz, Nancy Großmann & Sabine Panzer

Today it’s all about an exciting blind tasting. You’re in the audience and on stage are, please buckle up, Nancy Großmann from Restaurant Rutz, Anna Hernandez Götz from Tulus Lotrek, Sabine Panzer from Brikz and Mathias Brandweiner from Hafenküche. This wonderful line-up of well-educated and well-traveled sommeliers will be on stage at Theater im Palais am Festungsgraben. The evening will be hosted by journalist Kai Röger, who ran the Tagesspiegel Genuss pages for many years.

There will be six wines and you get to taste them, too. See if you can follow the talks about blossoms, fruits, structures, and finishes. You are allowed to guess, but don’t blurt out! The sommeliers have to figure out for themselves what’s in the glass! Come well-fed. There will only be a tasting pretzel, otherwise no food.

  • Sun. 5.11.
  • Moderated stage blind tasting
  • Theater im Palais
  • Am Festungsgraben 1 | 10117 Berlin
  • Admission: 6.30 pm | Start: 7.30 pm
  • 54,-
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