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The kickoff event at the eat! berlin Gourmet Festival

For many Berliners and Brandenburgers, Sunday morning is sacred. “2 auf Eins” (Two on One) on radioeins has been a cult favorite for over ten years now. Week after week, Sven Oswald and Daniel Finger pick a topic and explore it from every possible – and impossible – angle. This usually also involves interviews with well-known guests. Insect expert Dr. Mark Benecke, for example, is a popular guest when unappetizing topics arise. The exact opposite is true for Bernhard Moser, who is not only the director of this festival, but also the expert of choice on Zwei auf Eins when the topic is good food or wine. Physician and journalist Dr. Magnus Heier is also one of the most familiar voices on the broadcast. Each week Horst Evers regales listeners with one of his stories. The pair of hosts won‘t divulge to us the topic or guests for the evening. Perhaps because they aren‘t sure themselves. Those radio folks do march to a different drummer.

What is certain are the chefs and vintners who will be enlivening the affair. Things will kick off with the gents from Fuchs + Gans Catering, who will have two or three hors d‘oeuvres as a reception. They‘re among the top caterers in the city, and we‘re quite curious to see what they‘ll work up to fit between thumb and forefinger. Star chef Alexander Huber from Huberwirt (two toques) in Plaiskirchen, a member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs cooking association, and Philipp Liebisch (two toques) from Hotel bei Schumann in Kirschau will be up next. The desserts are the domain of one of the finest in discipline, Gabi Taubenheim from the Königshof in Munich (one star, 18 points in Gault&Millau). What a fantastic lineup.

The winemakers are from the premiere league of the VDP as well: we‘ll open with Weingut Prinz von Hessen and Johannes Leitz from Weingut Leitz in the Rheingau. We also look forward to the wines from the Fürstlich Castell´sches Domänenamt in Franken and, for a bit of something different, a portion of the menu with alcohol-free beverages. This section will be curated by Nicole Klauß, author of the book Die neue Trinkkultur (Westend Verlag). It‘s come to be considered a standard work for all restaurateurs looking to offer their guests thrilling alter-natives on the drink menu.

We‘ll also try the delicious OHDE Marzipan from Neukölln. The project itself is a commendable one, with profits flowing to a foundation that helps underprivileged kids qualify for university.

This opening event of the eat! berlin gourmet festival was recorded live in its entirety last year. This year too TV broadcasters may well provide live images from the event. Please only book if you don‘t have a problem being shown on live TV.


  • Fr. 23.2.
  • 5-course menu 
  • with accompanying wines
  • Microsoft Atrium
  • Unter den Linden 17 | entrance via 
  • Charlottenstraße | 10117 Berlin
  • Admission: 6:30 pm | Start: 7:00 pm
  • 159,-

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