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Wednesday, March 1, 2017, 7 pm



Winzerhof Stahl

We’ve been extraordinarily impressed with how the Arminius Markthalle has developed. What just a mere few years ago was still a cluttered Moabit institution has transformed seemingly overnight into a true culinary paradise. A number of restaurant concepts, some of them absolutely outstanding, have been established here, with ‘Rosa Lisbert’ even bringing home the ‘Hot Restaurant of the Year’ award from the Berlin Partners. Well done, we say, but how about letting a dazzling star chef have a turn? For 151 years the Stemberg family has run the ‘Haus Stemberg’ restaurant in Velbert. Few establishments could dare hope to pull off its incredible balancing act between rustic inn fare and fine dining.


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On their website the Stembergs write:

“Back when Walter Stemberg was chef de cuisine, the motto was always “Two Cuisines from One Stove.” This tradition has continued into its 5th generation, with Sascha Stemberg XXX now the executive chef. Our guests can look forward to dishes drawn from their home region, yet leavened with the modern culinary arts as Sascha Stemberg interprets them. He learned his well-grounded approach to cooking from his father, who taught him to take only the best products, whenever possible from the region. So, friends of turbot, langoustines, spiny lobsters or saddle of venison will be just as well served as guests hungry for his fried blood sausage, Königsberger Klopse from veal or homemade tatar. The richly faceted, fine international cuisine returned with him to Velbert after his journeyman period. The combination of ‘dishes like mama made’ and ‘modern cuisine à la Sascha Stemberg’ is precisely what makes Haus Stemberg such a popular culinary address.”

When we asked Sascha which winemaker he’d like to join him, his immediate answer was “Christian Stahl.” Sascha is both a friend and fan of the talented Franconian winemaker. ‘Stahl’ means steel in German, and Winzerhof Stahl uses puns on their label with wit and aplomb. The light, easy-drinking wines are part of the ‘Feder-Stahl’ (compression spring) line, while higher-end wines with a distinctive character are ‘Damascus Steel.’ The best wines are called ‘Stainless Steel,’ of course. There’s also the ‘Ehl-Stahl’ series, with its ‘Zweimännerwein’

6 course menu including wine pairing
open doors 6.30 pm, start 7 pm
Tickets: 129,00€

Arminius Markthalle Moabit, Arminiusstraße 2-4, 10551 Berlin


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