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Thursday, March 2, 2017, 7 pm


s_dsc_4104The title of this evening at provokant says it all. German sparkling wine is called Sekt, and its producers have long sought to prove that when it comes to bubbles, the Champagne name isn’t everything. And indeed, given that there are fantastic Sekts available for the same price as cut-rate Champagnes, you’ll quickly understand where our sympathies lie. The problem with Champagne is that the only bottles we tend to find around here are made by large producers. (We’re purposefully avoiding the term ‘mass production.’) Champagne prices tend to be artificially inflated, all in the service of a billion-euro business for this cult beverage that was once the toast of Louis XIV’s salon. But there is a world outside the big business, and it’s much more simpatico. Small producers working with varieties more fascinating and unusual that you can rightly imagine. Wouldn’t you like to try a rosé Champagne powerful enough to pair with venison or other meat dishes? How about naturally sweet Champagnes that occupy the realm normally associated with a Sauternes or a German ice wine? Interested? Then Sascha Rybarczyk is the man for you.

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He’s one of those fantastic self-taught maestros that the wine world needs. An MBA by training, he only discovered his passion for the region when he finally toured it. Once he began tasting sparkling wines seriously, he started identifying the diversity of tastes and the nuances possible from small-scale and micro-producers. At present Rybarczyk imports small volumes of these champagnes and sells them among his circle of friends and loyal customers. We in the eat! berlin team are so enthusiastic about the concept that we believe Sascha will soon be doing this full time.

Thomas Kurt is a living legend. Back in the 80s he was considered the finest chef in Kreuzberg, his restaurant “Apricot” a bastion of unusually fine cuisine. As a consultant, he later helped many restaurateurs deal with Reunification, before taking over e.t.a. Hoffmann 13 years ago. The restaurant had lived through turbulent times, but Thomas Kurt and his professionalism and stability steered it back into quieter — and more delicious — waters. The native of Baden loves French cuisine, and names his style on the model of Escoffier — ‘cuisine classique.’ His status as one of the grand masters of Berlin haute cuisine is unchallenged. We can’t imagine a more fitting chef to accompany these grand champagnes from petite houses.

Please note: the location is still tbd. Be sure to check online.


5 course menu including champagner pairing
open doors 6.30 pm, start 7 pm
Tickets: 129,00€



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