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Thursday, March 2, 2017, 7 pm


s_antoniewicz-portraits-419-_-fotocredit-antoniewicz-gmbhs_horvath_042016_0033It’s become quite trendy to claim expertise when it comes to pairing aromas. Yet among chefs, Heiko Antoniewicz alone has explored the full impact of this art, the unbelievably clarion experiences this method can trigger, at both an intuitive and scientific level. No other chef has researched the topic with such comparable depth. His book “Flavour Pairing – das Spiel der Aromen” is now considered one of the bibles of the discipline

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Online bookstore “Bü” recommends the book thusly: “Heiko Antoniewicz, pioneer of the innovative culinary artist scene in Germany, has put together an atlas with an easy-to-comprehend system for ‘flavour pairing’ based on taste, aroma and texture. He aims to make the reader aware of aromatic harmonies and provide the reader with tools to conceive new dishes on his or her own. Familiar combinations are used to explain relationships; harmonies that are a natural part of certain foodstuffs, insights from his own work and adaptations of familiar dishes play a major role in this.” Published by Matthaes Verlag, the book is available for 79.90 EUR.
It continues his fine publishing streak. Antoniewicz’s first book  “Fingerfood – Die Krönung der kulinarischen Kunst” once earned the World Cookbook Award for “World’s Most Innovative Cookbook.”

We’ve already written so many words of praise for Sebastian Frank that we’re beginning to run out of superlatives. The youthful chef has laid down a career like none before him. He arrived in Berlin young and ambitious, intending to work in the Adlon, but ended up landing at Horvath in Kreuzberg. No, wait. Landing isn’t strong enough. “Struck like a comet.” Much better. Bernd Matthies from Tagesspiegel came and praised Frank’s culinary artistry to the high heavens. Then came 16 and soon thereafter 17 points in the Gault&Millau, followed by two stars in Guide Michelin and 9 pans and “Chef of the Year” in Gusto. Today Sebastian is one of the hottest names in Berlin cuisine. An unbelievable story, the Berlin version of the American dream.

All the more incredible that we’re bringing these two unparalleled talents together on this evening. Two chefs who think about meals differently, two “palette pyrotechnicians” firing off one set of firework after the next. There will be seven courses and accompanying drinks. 3 courses will be served with wine, four with non-alcoholic beverages. A riveting topic in and of itself, as only the fewest of sommeliers can successfully replace wine using alcohol-free drinks. We’re fascinated to see how they do it…

7 course menu including wine pairing and alcohol free creations
open doors 6.30 pm, start 7 pm
Tickets: 169,00€
Restaurant Horváth, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44a, 10999 Berlin
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