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Saturday, February 25, 2017, 7 pm


s_berlin-leuchtet-1-6 s_thomas-kammeier-copyright-ricarda-spiegelAlgae is an essential part of the Asian diet. The Japanese process three hundred thousand tons into foodstuffs each year. The Chinese, three million. In our neck of the woods these fascinating life forms are more typically of interest to botanists and marine biologists; thus it seems unlikely that as a child, star chef Thomas Kammeier lay in his bed dreaming up better ways to cook different forms of algae.

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As fate would have it, though, Kammeier has been the culinarian-in-chief at the euref-campus since 2015, with a bird’s eye view of the world’s first urban algae farm as it was screwed onto the wall of his building’s facade. As such, he has been uniquely positioned to push the envelope of what is possible with these fascinating organisms. The owner of the Kochschule-Mitte, Stefan Dadarski, has also spent extensive time exploring the culinary value of algae, and we’re pleased to have him contributing two of his creations on this evening as well.

Did you know that algae are ‘polyphyletic’, or that scientists don’t classify groups of algae as closely related to each other? We didn’t either. As a matter of fact, we’re still trying to figure out exactly what that means. But what we do know is that algae are unbelievably diverse, and often downright beautiful. Our proof comes courtesy of artist Andreas Greiner, who has graciously allowed us to exhibit his unbelievable work photographing algae at 5000x magnification. Greiner also built an impressive light installation that functions as an algae reactor. Berlin artist Andreas Greier was awarded the GASAG Art Prize for his work. GASAG has been delivering power to Berlin for over 160 years — might not algae technology play a role in this down the road?

Algae need light to survive, and light is a prime focus for the day’s venue: with its rooftop terrace the Laserline Lounge is the perfect spot to celebrate light and radiance. Laserline is a printing services company and, as such, knows its way around light and reflection. The room will be illuminated by a light artist, decked out with Greiner’s images and filled with food by Kammeier and Dadarski. Laserline has also planned a laser show once night falls.


5 course menu including wine
open doors 6.30 pm, start 7 pm
Tickets: 99,00€

Laserline, Scheringstraße 1, 13355 Berlin


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