‚Shabbat Shalom‘

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Barbara Tzlil

Cynthia Barcomi

Shani Leiderman © Noam Rosenthal

Mit Shani Leiderman, Chef Barbara Tzlil (Tel Aviv) and Cynthia Barcomi

Friday night dinner is one of the center events of Jewish life, where the family meets to relax and celebrate the pleasure of life and togetherness. Join us for a warm and luscious journey of carefully crafted dishes carrying layers of history and ancient wisdom.

Barbara Tzlil is an emerging culinary rockstar making waves on the Tel Aviv food scene. Having worked with some of the most prominent chefs in Tel Aviv she recently made it to the finals of the renowned televised competition ‘Game of Chefs’.

Classic Jewish dishes with local, premium ingredients are combined with Barbara’s special collection of spices from the Middle east – creating a unique and sensual dining experience.

The Dinner takes place at Beba Restaurant and includes a rich sharing menu of 10 different dishes and wine accompaniment, hosted by narrated by Shani Leiderman. Bread and pastry are baked by Cynthia Barcomi. Two VDP wineries will pair the menu with their exceptional wines: Andrea Wirsching from VDP. Estate Wirsching and Stephan Attmann, Managing Director of VDP.Estate Winning.

  • Fr. 3.11.
  • Moderated Shabbat dinner with ten dishes and accompanying wines
  • Restaurant Beba im Martin Gropius Bau
  • Niederkirchnerstraße 7 | 10963 Berlin
  • Admission: 6.30 pm | Start: 7.00 pm
  • 149,-
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