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Michael und Andrea Schwarzenbacher

Michael Schwarzenbacher representing Vorarlberg

Experience Vorarlberg. Enjoy creativity.

Vorarlberg and its inhabitants are passionate about cheese, whether it be robust mountain cheese, delicate Sura Kees, or flowery hay-milk cheese. The mountains and valleys, however, offer a lot more to see, including upscale dining establishments, Lake Constance fish, and traditional Riebel maize.

“The region of Lake Constance is always worth a trip”. This has become some sort of truism. The 260 km bike path around the lake demonstrates the size of the water in the D-A-CH border triangle. So, if you want to go cycling, rowing, or pedal boating, you are just as right as alpine climbers, mountain bikers, skiers, and recreation-seekers in this place. Vorarlberg has a lot to offer, and in Austria, “the Arlberg” is the place to go for the best winter vacations.

Culinarily, the insanely likeable and talented chef Michael Schwarzenbacher from Restaurant Mangold in the Bregenz region travels with us through Ländle. Schwarzenbacher’s wonderful Austrian cuisine is modern-lightly interpreted, but absolutely regional and rooted in tradition. We are genuinely excited to meet this amazing chef.

  • Mo. 31.10.
  • Moderated 5-course menu with accompanying wine
  • Hardenbergstraße 28 | 10623 Berlin
  • Admission: 6.30 pm | Start: 7.00 pm
  • 179,-

Presenter Gerhard Retter (c) Seasons Agency / Jalag /  Pieter-Pan Rupprecht

Saddle of venison with spiced caramel, blackberries and semolina dumplings

Arctic char with duck liver

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